101 Things to do in 1001 Days

Inspired by a similar post I saw this past August on Design Darling, I have created my own list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. With a time frame of just under three years, its the perfect mix between a to-do list and a bucket list. Embarrassingly, the list itself took me seven months to complete (101 things is a lot of things!!) but luckily I've managed to cross a few items off during that time!

To summarize--

Mission: 101 things to do in 1001 days
Start Date: August 20, 2012
End Date: May 20, 2015
Tasks Complete: 41

Keep you posted...

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

  1. Come up with 101 things [Aug 2012]
  2. Do a handstand in yoga
  3. Move to a new apartment [Oct 2013]
  4. Learn calligraphy
  5. Subscribe to InStyle [Oct 2012]
  6. See ten so called classic films [2/10: Manhattan; The Untouchables]
  7. Learn to snowboard [Jan 2014]
  8. Go sailing
  9. Read forty new books [40/40; The Paris Wife, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, The Interestings, The Aviator's Wife, The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P, The Fault in our Stars, Night Terrors: Dating, Sex, Puberty and Other Alarming Things; True Believers: A Novel; Wild (From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail); One Last Thing Before I Go; Gone Girl; City of Thieves; Fifty Shades of Grey; Born on a Blue Day; Beautiful Ruins; Seating Arrangements; Brain on Fire; Defending Jacob; A Light Between Oceans; Afterwards; The Group; On the Road; The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao; Me Talk Pretty One Day; Divergent; Insurgent; The Monument's Men; And the Mountains Echoed, The Vacationers, Plainsong, The Girl You Left Behind, The Nazi Officer's Wife, One Plus One, You Before Me; The Orphan Train; The Goldfinch; The Children's Act; All the Light you Cannot See; #girlboss; By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop-- Jan 2015]
  10.  Do 5 DIY projects [2/5: handmade jorts; map of the world]
  11.  Visit 5 new states [2/5: VT--Dec 12; NV--Aug 14]
  12.  Go to a fashion week show
  13.  Clean out my closet and donate my old clothes [Oct 2013]
  14.  Run in an organized race [Aug 2012]
  15.  Get personalized stationary [Aug 2012]
  16.  Learn to paddle board [Dec 2014]
  17.  Climb a mountain
  18. Visit the Indian Mounds
  19. Take a boxing class
  20. Go skeet shooting [May 2013]
  21. Not go on Facebook for two weeks
  22. Send fifty hand written notes [31/50]
  23. Try five new foods [5/5: bacon wrapped dates, giant prawns, sea scallops, roasted beets, abalone: June 2013]
  24. Go skydiving
  25. Learn how to make the M Grape Crush cocktail
  26. Go camping
  27. Re#14, run a 10k
  28. Go on a picnic
  29. Sell the nice clothes from #13 on e-bay or website
  30. Start using my Kroger gas reward points [June 2013]
  31. Donate blood again [Oct 2014]
  32. Host a dinner party
  33. Get a massage [Mar 2013]
  34. Learn to play bridge
  35. Hang the Chanel poster [Oct 2013]
  36. Visit 15 new cities [13/15; Bloomfield Hills, MI; Miami, FL; Killington, VT; LosAngeles, CA; Istanbul, Turkey; Carmel, CA; Tulum, Mexico; Lake Tahoe, CA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; San Antonio de Areco, Argentina; Hong Kong, China; St. Thomas, USVI; Jost van Dyke, BVI; North Eleuthra, Bahamas; Harbour Island, Bahamas]
  37. Go to a horse race (Hunt, Derby, Preakness, etc)
  38. Go to a music festival
  39. Invest in one classic purse for my wardrobe
  40. Figure out a way to showcase my jewelry [Jan 2015]
  41. Go horse back riding [Apr 2014]
  42. Learn to actually play tennis
  43. Go apple/pumpkin picking in the fall [Oct 2012]
  44. Ride a tandem bike
  45. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  46. Go to a haunted house
  47. Go paintballing
  48. No swearing for one week
  49. Go vegetarian for a week
  50. Make a restaurant guide by city
  51. Go to 10 concerts [10/10; Zac Brown Band; Timeflies Tuesday; Taylor Swift; Dave Matthews Band; John Mayer; The Eagles; Bruce Springsteen; Dave Matthews Band; David Gray; John Mellencamp]
  52. Make a Scrapbook of my Europe trips
  53. No caf lunch for a week [Feb 3- Feb 7 2014]
  54. Play squash
  55. Purchase stock
  56. Get an orchid and keep it alive [Jan 2015]
  57. Go to Nantucket
  58. Buy a real camera [Jan 2013]
  59. Getpromoted [Feb 2013]
  60. See the Northern Lights
  61. Startbroho style blog [Feb 2013]
  62. Update my resume/linked in (re #59) [June 2013]
  63. Talk to an old person
  64. Start a 401k [Oct 2012]
  65. Learn how to use my new camera
  66. Get100+ fans for my blog [March 17, 2013--hit 100 Facebook fans]
  67. Be featured on another blog
  68. Finish my style binder
  69. Get a puppy
  70. Learn photoshop
  71. Find 5 new iPhone apps that truly simplify my life [SliceMailboxSongza, Bloglovin, Pocket; Dec 2014]
  72. Back up the contents of my computer [Feb 2014]
  73. Learn to use the cloud
  74. Go to a state fair
  75. Treat my parents to dinner
  76. Make a recipe book of my favorite home cooked foods
  77. Get an ipad [Dec 2013]
  78. Mount the map of the world marked with everywhere I’ve been [Aug 2014]
  79. Inspire someone to make their own list [Nachelle, April 2013]
  80. Take some type of art class
  81. Volunteer [Dec 2014]
  82. Go to a flea market/bazaar [March 2013]
  83. Get new soccer cleats [Sept 2013]
  84. Stay at a bed & breakfast [Mar 2014]
  85. Go to a shooting range [April 2013]
  86. Organize my itunes
  87. Purchase 10 true coffee table books [4/10: Tomboy Style; The Little World of Liz Climo; Humans of New York; Gypset Style]
  88. See a comedy show [Apr 2014]
  89. Sleep outside
  90. Go rock climbing
  91. Start a Roth IRA
  92. Sing karaoke [Feb 2014]
  93. Take a cooking class
  94. Go ice skating
  95. Clean up my internet bookmarks
  96. Re-do my inspiration board [Nov 2013]
  97. Needlepoint something
  98. Do an outfit of the day post
  99. Go back to Colorado
  100. Go surfing
  101. Put $10 into savings for each goal completed

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  1. This is a great idea! I'm going to make a similar list for myself!