Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So this post is definitely an introduction into some new subject matter for me -- hair.  I'm not much of a hair how to girl -- I have long, straight, brown hair that looks the exact same everyday, despite what I might try to do to it.  So like I said, not for me.

However, after I stumbled across this youtube tutorial by Barefoot Blonde (courtesy of Design Darling ) I couldn't help but share it.  The video is instructive, the directions are simple, and the end result is very reminiscent of the original inspiration.  So, if you have hair long enough to try this, I highly suggest you do -- I mean there's nothing better than a good hair day, right?

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  1. A pleasant change from the usual mesage boards. These will probably last longer, look cooler and I hope that they are washable too.

  2. Brown hair look amazing! The extensions look lovely in your hair. For more info about brown hair go right here.