Friday, January 16, 2015


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Back again with a few articles that are worth a read, a few videos that are worth a watch, and a couple links worth a click.  You have a whole weekend to catch up on what's been going on out there-- now get after it!

(1) The proclaimed 50 least predictable places to visit in your 20s has already started to make the social media rounds but if you haven't yet-- check it out.  I've been to 2 of the 50 (#16 Freetown Christianaia and #20 Tulum, photoed above) -- what about you?

(2) This video, of ball dogs at a tennis match, is sure to start your weekend off right. So stinkin' cute. 

(3) As a local favorite of mine, honored that Big Al's in Cleveland was named Ohio's best diner by Business Insider.  If you're a reader in the area -- GO...NOW! 

(4) If better managing your money is a 2015 resolution, this article, 13 ways to up your financial game, will get you in the mood to save. Hellllllo, Roth IRA! 

(5) So proud of Duke for sending such a powerful positive message on stereotypes.

(6) Interesting to hear this teenager's view on various social media platforms -- definitely agree with him about Facebook & Instagram but have no idea what Yik Yak is...

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