Friday, January 9, 2015


It's Friday and as is tradition, here are a few articles that are worth a read, a few videos that are worth a watch, and a couple links worth a click.  You have a whole weekend to catch up on what's going on out there -- so hop to it!

(1) In case you missed it on Facebook ... a very cute video of boys saying no to domestic violence will melt your heart

(2) Facebook is the new AOL according to this extremely nostalgic and accurate article that parallels 90's internet trends to today's -- thankfully with no dial-up tone. 

(3) For the boys: the ultimate man's bucket list that looks prettttty badass 

(4) A hilarious account of the thought process behind waiting for a text 

(5) Obsessing over these gorgeous patterned unisex sweaters and wondering where in the world I can get one 

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