Thursday, January 29, 2015


Okay, so I had this post all drafted up a couple weeks ago (see date above)-- it was slated to be a BFTB, one of the best ones I've written in a while, because the subject matter was just so good.

 Mister Spoils, a (week)daily subscription email catered to cool dudes and featuring the following; (3) instagram accounts to follow (hot girl included), (1) product to consider purchasing, (1) new song to listen to and (1) interesting article to read.  Even though I'm a girl, I love it  -- I mean just the other week they featured my LOML, The Salty Blonde, as one of their instagram accounts to follow so I feel like we're operating on the same wavelength here.

So why did I hold out so long, you might ask?  Well, just before I was planning on publishing the original article, I saw that they were planning on launching a sister site, Stella Spoils, catered to the ladies. I immediately signed up (was one of the first 1,000 people to do so, apparently) and put the article on the back burner so I could test drive the girl version.  A couple  weeks in, and it shows a lot of promise.  The articles are good and the instagram accounts solid.  If you're like me, and constantly searching for new and cool content on the web, Mister or Stella or both -- is a must read.

Sold? Sign up for Mister Spoils here and Stella Spoils here and never look back.  You're welcome.  Broho, out.

PS: Stella Spoils -- if you're ever looking for a guest contributor, I have some good ideas in mind.  Just sayin'...

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