Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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There's a certain phenomenon that happens when you've never heard of something before, be it a word, a phrase, or a person, but as soon as you learn about it, it's suddenly EV-ER-Y-WHERE.  That's what has happened with me in regards to Donald Roberston, or rather, Drawbertson.

I somehow stumbled upon a gorgeous print from his instagram the other day and when I googled his name, he was featured in everything from Vanity Fair, to the NY Post, to Elle Decor.  I mean how have I never heard of this guy before?! His whimsical sketches are socially relevant, beautiful, and currently even offered on J.Crew T-shirts -- pretty impressive for a Bobbi Brown beauty exec who simply moonlights as an artiste, no?

 Anywho, gotta start saving my pennies for one of these bad boys to feature in the Broho Bungalow..

Till next time!

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