Thursday, December 25, 2014


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Happy Holidays, my dearest Brohos! 

I'll keep this short & sweet, as not to distract from the true spirit of Christmas, but I just wanted to say that...I've missed you.  I've missed blogging & writing & connecting with you all over the past few months.  I won't bore you with the petty reasons for my internet hiatus (ugh mid-twenties life problems) but I will say that I'm very excited to make a return in 2015! 

And for those of you who have reached out in the past few weeks to say that you've missed the blog, and I should get back to it -- Thank you, so very much.  It's such an honor to know that you look to Broho Style for entertainment or shopping inspiration or just as a simple distraction. 

So here's to you and here's to a very Merry 2015! Now, go spend time with your loved ones and check back in later! 


PS: If any of you know where I could find a little evergreen canvas like that seen above, please contact me immediately!

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