Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It should come as no surprise that I am a rather active blog reader. Back in the day, I used to think the most convenient way to keep tabs on all my favorite reads was simply to bookmark them, but that quickly spiraled out of control.  I mean, there's a reason "Clean up my Internet Bookmarks" is #95 on my 101 things list--it's a mess.  That is, until I discovered Bloglovin, and with it, the Bloglovin app.

So what is Bloglovin'?  It's essentially a Facebook newsfeed for blog posts.  You subscribe to your favorite sites (like Broho Style), and whenever a new post is published, it populates instantly on your personal home page.  From there, you're just one small click away from reading the entire article, or, if the post seems unappealing, you can simply mark it as "read" and it's removed from your reading list.  I've found it's a great way to stay on top of all the bloggy goodness that's out there--and from the luxury of my iphone/new ipad mini! 

So for any of you loyal readers who also like to compliment your daily dose of Broho with some other tidbits of information, I highly suggest you sign up--just think of all the wonderful on the go reading you could do...enjoy!

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  1. Ever since Google Reader phased out I've been using Bloglovin. It's definitely a fantastic resource for bloggers!