Wednesday, January 1, 2014


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HAPPY 2014!! It's that time of year again.  Time to take a couple of moments to reflect on all that the last year has given us (a lot) and to brainstorm all the things we want the upcoming year to bring.  All in all, 2013 was a good year for me.  I started my blog, I moved apartments, I traveled to Istanbul, LA, Roaring Gap, Chicago, Durham, NYC, San Francisco, St. Louis, & Charlottesville, I made new friends, saw old friends, and crossed 17 things off of my 101 things to do in 1001 days list.

 I apologize if that sounded like a whole lot of self-pointing, but I think it's important to recognize all that this past year has given me.  In 2014, I hope for much of the same--more time spent with family and friends, more worldwide travels, more outdoor adventures, and more growth for both the blog and myself.  For all of you who have tuned in throughout the past few months--thank you.  This has been the start of a fun little journey and I can't wait to see where it takes us!

PS: If you're looking to make some resolutions, I highly recommend making a 101 things list of your own.  Not only does it force you to make tangible goals, but it serves as a constant source of motivation, especially during those "I don't have anything to do" moments.  Think on it, Brohos!

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