Thursday, December 26, 2013


Alright, Brohos, I've got some big news.  I've finally found a way to organize my email inbox, and just in time for the new year! As you may remember, I got a good start on inbox organization when I downloaded Mailbox a few months ago but that still did not address the ever pressing issue of junk mail.  Everyday, I still had to go and delete every, single one of those "Biggest Sale Ever" emails...until now.

Introducing, a website that links itself to your gmail account, scans it for all your subscription emails and gives you the option to either "unsubscribe" (yes, please) or "roll up" into one daily consolidated email.  When I joined, I had 200+ subscription emails (I know, I know).  I immediately unsubscribed from a third of those and then rolled up all the others.  Now, I get a daily email, much like the one above, informing me of all those post-Christmas sales but without the annoyance.  It is truly a game changer and I highly suggest you head over to right now and try it out for yourself.  It's one easy way to get 2014 off to a good start.

(PS: Thank you Lisa for the amazing find!)

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