Thursday, November 14, 2013


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Sometimes I get so excited to write a particular blog post that that I actually struggle to find the right words to accurately express my excitement.  Today is one of those days and if you happen to like yoga, you'll soon see why.

As I've mentioned before, many a time,--I love to do yoga, but I really struggle to make it to classes with my current work schedule.  Most of the good ones start before I get out of work and there aren't any options for me to attend pre-work.  It's really quite the dilemma, especially since it's when I'm busiest at work that I'd benefit most (both mentally and physically) from my practice.  

Enter Yogaglo--a subscription online yoga service that gives you access to hundreds of full length videos for just $18 a month.  You can sort videos by yoga type, difficulty, or class length--all depending on your personal preferences and simply follow along in your living room.  To date, I've tried three vinyasa classes (my favorite) and I have to admit--I've been pleasantly surprised! The instructions are clear, the video is crisp, and the only thing missing is the hot yoga studio.  And for any of you who are still a little iffy or have never been to a yoga class before--Yogaglo offers a two week free trial so you can test it out for yourself! So go and get your ohm on--everyone can benefit from a little namaste.

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