Tuesday, November 5, 2013


(1) Bow Midi Ring , $6 / (2) Shark Tooth Midi Ring, $32 / (3) Oui Midi Ring, $2 / (4) Monogram Midi Ring, $18 / (5) Initial Midi Ring Gold, $10

As is the problem with most forms of jewelry--I often have more options than I have appendages with which to wear them.  Earrings?  I have plenty but am limited to wearing one pair at a time.  Rings? I have a whole dish full but only have 10 fingers (8 if you don't count thumbs).  That is until I break into the midi ring game.  Worn between the first and second knuckles, midi rings have recently entered the fashion scene in a major way and I have to admit, I like the look--especially when paired with a good manicure and a cheap price tag. So as soon as my self imposed spending freeze is over (two weeks and counting) expect to see one of these adorning my hands.  I think I'm leaning toward a "C" but I'll keep you posted...

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