Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have found over the years that one of my favorite things about blogs is when they send me somewhere I never would have found on my own.  Be that a new online store or an interesting article--these links are the reason I keep coming back day after day.  As I continue to develop Broho Style, I hope I will be able to provide the same type of service to you all.  I hope my random internet perusals result in new purchases, new apps, new songs, and new quotes.  And I hope you share your finds with friends and family, co-workers and spouses and most importantly keep coming back every day.  So here are my favorite links of this week--I hope at least one tickles your fancy! 

(1) This wonderful article about Cleveland's "revival" makes me proud of my Midwest roots
(2) This feature on the Toyota J40 Landcruiser is giving me serious car envy
(3) This article on the future of the American fashion & manufacturing industry
(4) Debating which of these 50 cheap decorating ideas to use in my new apartment
(5) Laughing out loud at these not so passive aggressive neighbor notes
(6) Celebrating this article about one of my favorite Cleveland restaurants--Accent

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