Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dearest Brohos, fall is here and that can only mean one thing--it is time to update the wardrobe a bit.  Surprisingly, my list of fall must haves is a bit shorter than in years past--maybe because I'm mentally allocating funding toward furnishing the new place or maybe I just stocked up so well last year that there isn't much need for newness (doubtful).  Regardless of the reason, there are a few things I've been lusting over this month, from strappy booties to quilted jackets to deep colored accessories.  And what we have here are my "best of the best," the items I just can't stop thinking about, and have already hypothetically integrated into my wardrobe.  So go on--treat yo'self.  It's fall and you deserve it.

   Joe's 'Seren' Boot, $198 / Michael Kors Green & Gold Watch, $225 / Voluspa Saijo Persimmon Candle, $16 / Vince Camuto Quilted Jacket, $150 / kate spade black satchel, $398

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