Thursday, September 12, 2013


All Images from Gingiber
As I've said before, I'm a dog person through and through, even up to the point where I stop randos on the street to ask if I can pet their pup.  Whatever, don't get a dog if you don't want people to pet it.  Anyway, it is because of this love for my furry friends that I am so obsessed with Gingiber's latest project 52 Weeks of Dogs.  The jist?  Each week, Etsy store Gingiber publishes a print of a different dog breed that can be purchased on paper, pillows, postcards and more.  The illustrations are impossibly cute and you can even customize them with your dog's name for a mere $5 extra!  I can't think of a better hostess gift or way to spruce up a bare wall, so head on over to her store and check em out.

PS: To date no Lilsters have made the cut, but here's to hoping the coton de tulear makes an appearance in the upcoming 16 weeks...

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