Tuesday, September 24, 2013


There are two things that I can pretty much count on to happen every fall.  The first involves my brothers asking me for advice on their fall wardrobe and the second involves my Dad complaining that no retailers make size 14 shoes/boots that are needed for said wardrobe.  Well (as always) I am here to solve both of those problems by introducing them to Rancourt & Co. Based in Lewiston, Maine, family owned Rancourt & Co has been making handsewn, American made boots and moccasins for the last three generations.  They offer a wide variety of both male and female styles but most importantly, they offer "made to order" and "design your own" options allowing for complete shoe customization.  Oh, and if you're unsure of fit, you can pay $50 for two pairs of test shoes that you simply try on for size and return within two days, at which point you get a $50 credit toward your next purchase! A perfect idea for those of us who don't live in Maine, if you ask me.  So dear Andrew, Patrick, and Craiggers--you're welcomeeeee.

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