Tuesday, July 23, 2013


If you're anything like me, the moment the fireworks end on the 4th of July, your mind switches gears and it is time to shop for fall.  For those of you not in the fashion industry, this must seem absolutely ridiculous--it's still 90+ degrees outside, how could I possibly be thinking about boots and sweaters?  To answer you truthfully, I'm not quite sure, especially given how much I absolutely LOVE summer, but I know I'm not alone.  My inbox has been flooded with sales emails for weeks, as retailers try to get through the last of their spring inventory before bringing in the cool weather goods.  Some of my favorite steals to date?  Well the NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale   for starters, since it not only promos shorts but also next season's sweaters, the 20% off at Piperlime (that ends today) and the additional 25% off sale at Shopbop! I know I'll be stocking up on summer, any maybe even some of those necessities (like brozer) that will help it feel like summer, long after the sunlight is gone.

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