Friday, June 21, 2013


Image by CGM for Broho Style; Amagansett, NY
Okay so I don't think I could have planned this any better if I tried but today not only marks my favorite day of the year, the summer solstice, but also the publication of my 100th blog post! I know this week is a seemingly unending series of celebrations, with Father's Day, International Surfing Day, the unveiling of, but as I think about it, shouldn't that always be the case? Shouldn't we always be celebrating some little thing, whether it be a remote holiday or a couple extra minutes of sunshine? That is one thing that this blog has taught me over the past 100 posts.  That there are little things to be excited about everyday.  New things to be inspired by.  New things to learn.  New ways to connect with people.  So really what I'm saying is, thank you for reading, it makes this all so enjoyable.  Now go and enjoy those extra minutes of is a Friday after all. 

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