Tuesday, June 11, 2013


[Image from Golf Digest]

I'll make this short and sweet--The US Open is almost here and I'm pumped about it.  Not only do I get to stare at the beautiful Adam Scott for another weekend as he does his thing but I get to spend Father's Day, sitting on the couch with my Dad, doing something we both love--watching golf.  And, while I would usually take this time to work in a little BFTB post about men's golfing attire and potential Father's Day gifts, today I am going to take a new approach--"Ladies who Golf." 

Inspired in part by Kate Spade's new line of accessories and the dashing, tuxedo clad photo from the Golf Digest tumblr, I love the idea of catering a sports post to the ladies.  We too love to choose favorites and sip cocktails as we watch beautiful, talented young men tour some of the nation's most beautiful courses clad in preppy, colorful clothing.  And, if Scott puts forth a showing even half as amazing as his Master's win, you know the female population is going to be sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of his next onscreen appearance.  So, sit back, order up a drink, and indulge your inner golfer girl with one of these cute little accessories--who ever said you had to step foot on a course to look like a pro?

tee time

one: golf ball pendant, $78 / two: Birdie/Bogey clutch, $78 / three: grass iPhone 5 case $40

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