Thursday, June 20, 2013



Images via barefootncrazy, ladyslider, brooklynhawaii, unknown
I don't normally consider myself a "wannabe" except for in one specific instance; I wanna be a surfer girl.  I want to spend my days in the sun wearing nothing but a bikini and some sunscreen, salty, blondeing hair drying in the wind as I ride with the windows down in my hoopty (hooptie?), lugging my surfboard from one scenic surf vista to the next.  It just sounds like the life. So, in honor of those of us unable to celebrate this holiday in true, beach bound fashion (myself included), I wanted to share some of my favorite surfer girl photos and let y'all in on a little sale from one of my favorite beach-chic boutiques, Swell--$20 over a purchase of $100 or more with the code "ISD20" Cha-chingggggg!

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