Monday, May 6, 2013


Guys, I am really excited about today's post. By definition I am excited about every post I write, but something about this one is particularly special.  Not only am I finally able to talk about something amazing that I have been keeping secret for months but I get to support a friend and champion a great cause while doing it! I call this a win-win-win situation.

Alright so here is the lowdown.  One of my close friends, Jeff Cooper, has started a company called Teequality.  It is a clothing company that specializes in quality, American made t-shirts with a philanthropic twist--for every t-shirt bought one is given to a child in need.  Great concept, right?  I think so, especially knowing all of the hard work that Jeff has put into making his product more than just your average tee.  He has personally taken pattern making classes and worked closely with an LA producer to create a well-fitting garment.  He has sampled dozens of fabrics to ensure that what he is using is soft, comfortable, and durable.  He has worked with students and professionals to create a beautiful website and video campaign that he has listed on Indiegogo, which has already reached it's first three financial goals!  And best of all--he is practicing what he preaches by taking a service trip to Haiti this June with Clothes for Souls to hand deliver the tees.

So how can you get involved and be a forerunner of your philanthropic friends? Well first, you can watch Jeff's video explaining the concept of his business.  Then, you can choose to donate money to help him reach his goal--a solid $20 gets you one t-shirt of your own, one t-shirt to send to Haiti, and one personalized post card from Jeff's trip.  The more money that is donated, the more t-shirts get sent to Haiti, the fresher you look, and the better you feel.  What's that called? Oh yeah, a win-win-win.

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