Friday, May 24, 2013


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Despite my deep seeded love for travel, I love America.  There is something about the sight of the stars and stripes or the sound of the national anthem kicking off a baseball game that really speaks to my inner patriot.  With each summer holiday, these nationalistic feelings become a little bit stronger and I suddenly want to accessorize my home and my wardrobe with all things Americana.  This Memorial Day is no different, especially when I wake up to the sight of the flag fluttering outside the mountain top clubhouse here in Roaring Gap.  So, in honor of this great country and all those who fought to keep it that way--I have compiled a few of my favorite red, white, and blue pieces for the season.  Best part is, if you get them now, you can rock them again come the 4th of July.  USA! USA! USA!   

one: Seahorse Tee from J. Crew, $45 / two: American flag kitchen towel from Pottery Barn, $14 / three: USA beanie from Adapt, $30 / four: Leonard scarf from Stylemint, $30 / five: USA socks from Urban Outfitters, 3 for $20 / six: Americana short from Urban Outfitters, $39 / seven: Stars & Stripes swim trunks from Franks, $89

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