Thursday, May 23, 2013


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This Memorial Day weekend I am flying down to North Carolina to spend the long weekend in Roaring Gap with some of my best friends from college.  Since we are all currently scattered across the United States, it is a rare treat for us to get together, if even for a weekend, but being with them gives me a sense of completeness I just can't find anywhere else.  Plus, Roaring Gap is an absolutely beautiful place, situated lakeside in the Blue Ridge mountains, about a two hour drive from Charlotte. Having been there a few times before, I am thrilled to go back and spend the days golfing, shooting, tanning and the nights chatting outside by the fire, bundled up in sweatshirts, and drinking Dark n Stormies.  

Before I head out, please note that the internet and cell-phone connectivity is rather spotty in this locale, so I apologize in advance if I'm a touch more absent than usual.  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE, hope it's beautiful where you are! 

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