Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Alright Brohos, I'm trying out a new feature today that I hope you like.  It's one of my favorite features to read on other blogs so I'm hoping to make it my own.  The concept is rather simple--just providing y'all with a series of links that I've found throughout the course of the week that I think are particularly interesting/funny/cute.  The topics vary, from clothing to sports to funny articles, which is one of the things I find most charming about it.  It's a summary of all the things I'm liking and I think it's a great exemplification of Broho Style.  In today's inaugural series there are clothes, jewels, American Girl dolls, Cleveland sports articles and Snoop Dogg translation services.  For more information, get to clickin'...

1) "Too Sassy for You" tee from Brandy Melville--if anyone appreciates some good sass, it's this girl.

2) "What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life" --while I don't quite agree with all of the analysis (probably because I had Molly), this definitely provides some good laughs (thanks, Dani!)

3) Impromptu Necklace from Lulu Frost--with the combination of lips motif and bling, how can you say no?

4) "Cleveland: Disappointing Fans Since '64"--A great Cleveland sports article, despite the misleading title

5) Beonica Dress from DVF--perfect for those summer weddings

6) Gizoogle--simply type in your twitter name for the Snoop Dogg Lion, rendition of your latest tweets.  It's funny, I promise

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