Sunday, May 19, 2013


[Images from Maritime Supply Co]

Remember my post earlier this week about "Nautical Longing?" Well, one beachless week later and the feelings have only intensified.  The one thing helping to keep them at bay (pun intended) is the discovery of these amazing bracelets by Maritime Supply Co.  Handmade in Greenville, SC by shop owner Ian Nigh, this bling is the perfect way to bring a little of the beach to your arm party, no matter where you may be.  His product reminds me of those rope bracelets I used to get as a kid in Cape Cod that I would wear everyday during the summer until they stunk so badly I was forced to take it off--except better.  I love the flair the buoy decal brings to the last piece and how the anchor clasp completely nautifies the everpresent wrap bracelet. Needless to say, they are must haves for summer and, with a price range of $10-$20, you can buy all three.  Anchors away!

PS: Thank you, Bill, for the recommendation! 

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