Tuesday, May 28, 2013


two: "the hamptons" bag from Maptote
three: "totes ma goats" carry all from West Elm

Apparently no matter what I do I just can't stop talking about the beach.  Longing for beaches, past beach scenes, beach-inspired bracelets--it is on my mind constantly and today is no different. Since I have already covered beach worthy bikinis, I figured today I would switch gears a bit to talk about beach bags. As any frequent beach broho knows, a good bag is essential for your stint in the sun.  It holds your towel, your magazines, your books, your phone, your sunscreen, your water, and anything else you may choose to bring along.  Recently I've been gravitating toward the canvas tote as my accessory of choice--especially these ones with witty little graphics.  I already own #2 but am definitely considering purchasing #3 as well, given my widely known love for abbreviations. Totes cute.

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