Monday, April 22, 2013


maxi dresses 2

From Top to Bottom:

The other day I was bopping around the Internet, looking for a dress to wear to a summer wedding (luckily my only one of the year), when I suddenly realized that I was becoming quite fond of maxi dresses.  This isn't really anything revolutionary for me, I've dabbled in this silhouette in summer's past, but after looking at this season's latest crop, I realized that these designs were taking it to a whole new level.  With all these plunging fronts and open backs, what was once a body covering design is now actually quite revealing, and, dare I say it, sexy. Now, while I wouldn't consider all of the above styles "wedding material,"I would definitely consider working one into the rotation at some point this season--because the combination of looking good while feeling comfy really can't be beat.  Game on.

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