Wednesday, April 24, 2013


[All Images via Old Try]

Despite being a northerner (or at least as much of a northerner as one can be after growing up in Ohio), I have always had a soft place in my heart for the south.  It developed long before I moved down there for college and only intensified as I spent four heavenly years in Durham, NC.  Given that I have since moved back across the Mason Dixon, I constantly find myself in longing of the dixie lifestyle, be it grits for breakfast, natural sounding y'alls & drawls, or everyday exemplifications of southern hospitality.

Apparently, however, I am not the only one.  Enter Old Try.  A Boston based but southern bred letter press company, Old Try specializes in unique, dixieland-inspired prints featuring the flags, mottos, and nicknames of states from Mississippi to Texas to Maryland.  While I have nothing but love for the OH, after seeing some of these amazing posters I can't help but wish I was a fullbred bred Georgia gal at heart.  All that romanticizing aside, even as a faux southerner I was still able to identify with plenty of their products, particularly the ones above--ranging from a Horace Greeley quote to a Patriot's Day flag of Boston to a Bull Durham reference.  I mean who doesn't want to explore the west, support Boston, or travel to Durham?

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