Thursday, April 4, 2013


As is the case with many cute brands, I first heard of Yellow Owl Workshop via Anthropologie.  At first, it was just the "Je t'aime" pendant that caught my eye (since I did study abroad in Paris), but as I did some further research, I realized they had quite a few cute things to offer.  Aside from my sentimental streak, I am particularly fond of the California bear necklace, despite my complete lack of personal affiliation with the state.  I also dig the crest styles, which exude what I like to think of as a Harry Potter vibe.  I mean Hedwig, Whomping Willow, Merpeople--anyone?! And, if the cute little charms and adorable packaging weren't totally convincing, maybe the $44 price tag will suck you in.  Go on, embrace your inner Hermoine. You know you want to.

[All Images from Yellow Owl Workshop]

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