Thursday, April 11, 2013


Okay, so I'll admit it--this week's BFTB post isn't really 'borrowed from the boys,' rather made for them, but since that acronym kinda sucks in comparison (MFTB? No, thanks.), I'm sticking with my guns here. And, seeing as I already featured some of my favorite bikinis earlier this week, I figured it was only fair to repay the favor and offer the men in my life some summer style as well (instead of stealing it for myself). 

 So the name is Faherty Brand and the product is stylish, eco-friendly swimwear. Founded this year by twin brothers Mike and Alex (below), this new line is now bringing the best in men's bathing suits to your beach, no matter where you decide to wet your feet.  After scrolling through the lookbook, I must admit that I think these guys have gotten it all right.  They're offering great patterns, cool colors, flattering fits, and environmentally ethical products, all accompanied by a slogan I can totally relate to, "Here's to living a never-ending summer."  So, if you're in the market for new set of trunks, and let's face it boys, given the time of year you probably are, I highly suggest you check them out--you will not be disappointed! 

Oh, and not to detract from the men here, but they also make bikinis and those are definitely worth a quick peak....

[All images via Faherty Brand's tumblr]

PS: Thanks to Acquuah for the recommendation and please, keep em coming! 

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