Sunday, March 24, 2013


So now that my post-grad SB2K13 trip is officially over, I have decided to provide a little update on my 101 things list.  During the past month, I was able to cross off two whole things, taking the completed total to...wait for it...eleven! I know, I know--I still have quite a bit of work to do, but hey, at least now I'm over 10% of the way there.  As always, you can check out the full list here.

PS: Has anyone else made their own that they would like to share?  Let me know and I'll upload it!

9.     Read forty new books [5/40]
--The two most recent reads: City of Thieves and The Fault in our Stars.  City of Thieves tells the story of an unlikely duo as they navigate Nazi-occupied Russia in search of a dozen eggs while The Fault in our Stars follows the burgeoning love story of two terminally ill teenagers.  Both come highly recommended if you're looking to get a little nerdy this week, or you happen to have an eleven-hour plane ride ahead of you. 

[Images from Amazon]

23. Try five new foods [2/5: bacon wrapped dates, giant prawns]
--While in Istanbul my family went to a fish restaurant where I actually ate an entire meal of giant prawns! In my mind, this counts this as a huge win, since, normally I think all seafood tastes like a big gulp of ocean.  Maybe I am growing up after all...

33. Get a massage [March 15, 2013]
--Got a massage at the Cermerlitas Hamam (Turkish Bath) this past week and it felt amazing. Got me thinking that I really need to indulge myself more often.  

[Image from here]

36. Visit fifteen new cities [5/15; Bloomfield Hills, MI; Miami, FL; Killington, VT; Los Angeles, CA; Istanbul, Turkey]
--This most recent trip took my new city count up to five.  Only ten left! 

[Image by CGM for Broho Style]

82.  Go to a flea market/bazaar [March 2013]
--Spent an hour or so at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and it was amazing.  Surrounded by stalls on stalls of beautiful things, I was definitely in my element. 

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