Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Every summer my family and I vacation on the beach in Amagansett, Long Island.  And every year, as soon as the vacation is over, I begin to look forward to the next one--to the minute when I can once again hear the crunch of dirt road beneath my feet and the sound of waves crashing in the distance. While my longing for this place remains year-round, it usually reaches its peak at the end of winter--after five cold, dreary months have finally taken their toll on my spirit, my wardrobe, and most of all, my tan.

Well, this week the longing is worse than usual, thanks in large part to the absolutely amazing Spring/Summer lookbook from Penfield USA.  As a premier Massachusetts-based outerwear company founded in 1975, Penfield has a heritage rooted in New England fantasy life--and really, what could be more fantastic than a summer in the Hamptons? After taking a look at these photos, shot in South Hampton & Sag Harbor, the answer, it appears, is nothing.  The people, the places, and the parkas are all gorgeous, making me instantly long for the day when I can wear that "Penfield" sweatshirt down to the beach bonfire to sing along to the Grateful Dead (here I go again).  If these images aren't convincing enough, check out the rest of their collection and photos here--they're sure to have something to brighten your day and lighten your wallet.

Her: Vassan Jacket, $170.  Him: Harlan Vest, $110

Him: Penfield Sweatshirt, $85

Her: Lucedale Vest, $115 Him: Rochester Jacket, $125
All photos from Penfield USA

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