Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dear America--Sorry for the recent static but I'm baaaackkk!! Speaking of, you want to know what else is making a comeback?  Graphic tees.  And you want to know something else? I like it. Now, before you roll your eyes and immediately picture the logo-bearing shirts from your, or at least my, middle school years--let me qualify my proclamation. I am not talking about the standard, run of the mill, "Your Brand Here" --reading tees, but rather something entirely new. The shirts I like are bold, cool, and often a little grungy--making them a perfect summertime addition to the Broho wardrobe.

One of my favorite new lines to capitalize on this trend is Made in Hell-A.  Founded in Los Angeles, CA--otherwise known as the t-shirt capital of the world--this brand is small but it is cool. Offering graphics with puns on famous fashion designers, how could it be anything but?  My personal favorite, the "Don't be a Haider," an ode to French designer Haider Ackermann and slang phrase by the same pronunciation.  Oh, and the best part of all--these tees are now available for purchase on their shopping site here, or on one of my favorite boutique sites, Need Supply.  Comme on, do it. Get it?

[Images from Made in Hell-A]

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