Friday, March 29, 2013


I like to online shop.  A lot.  Some might call it an addiction but I like to think of it more as a healthy passion, leaving the shopaholic title my little, Cam.  Regardless of the frequency, in this day and age everyone online shops--and why not? The deals are great and you avoid all the hassle of encountering throngs of Axe-bathed teenagers at the local mall.

However, despite the obvious advantages, this shopping method does have its shortcomings--mainly all those tracking numbers.  That's where Slice comes in.  Slice is an iPhone app that scans your email account to monitor all your online shipments, sending you separate notifications when each item has been shipped and delivered.  No more searching your inbox for tracking numbers and going through the hassle of re-directing to the Fedex site on spotty 3G service.  It's amazing and, oh, did I mention its free? Talk about a worthy investment.

Look for this icon in the app store

Screen Shot of Tracked Purchase

[Images by CGM for Broho Style]

PS: Thanks to Alex for the recommendation and apologies for the recent static, was feeling a little under the weather this week. 

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