Sunday, March 10, 2013


While I will always hold true to old-school methodologies--penmanship, stick shift cars, and homemade ice cream--I am, by no means, above embracing a new techie trend if it proves worthy of my time.  Does it actually enhance my happiness, or is it just one more thing I have to keep up with day in and day out?

Most often it's the latter, but every now and then I find myself surprised at the added simplicity a new technological service can bring to my life.  The most recent success story was introduced to me by my former college roommate, Hannah, and is called Hukkster.  For the uninitiated, Hukkster is a service that monitors your favorite online items and notifies you via email as soon as they go on sale.  All you have to do is install a "hukk button" to your bookmarks tab and give it a click whenever you see anything you want to keep your eyes on.  Any sales on those items will then deliver straight to your email, but don't worry, you can filter your results by % off to minimize your inbox activity.   Easy as that.

Speaking from one seasoned shopper to another, I suggest you give it a try--the Winklevoss twins already did, and have found it worthy of a 750k investment.  And as history would suggest, those boys know a good idea when they see it. So go ahead.  Hukk it.

(Images from Hukkster)

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