Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This week's mood is all about color.  Not just any color, but rather the bright, saturated colors best associated (in my mind, at least ) with pom-poms.  Be it from yesteryear's arts & crafts kits or this year's NYFW (see shoes below), these are the hues I can't stop thinking about.  

Looking back, I believe it all started with pre-trip research, where photos of the Grand Bazaar displayed colorful mosaics, ornaments, glasswork, and has only intensified as we approach the (hopeful) transition to Spring.  But regardless of where the obsession started, it has snowballed, and now I can't help but notice it everywhere--both within Istanbul and outside of it. Clothespins? Check.  Lanterns? Check. Buildings? Check. Jewelry? Check. 

So go on, embrace the pom poms, but preferably not the cheerleading kind...

Photo of Istanbul by CGM for Broho Style
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Photo of Istanbul by CGM for Broho Style
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Photo of Istanbul by CGM for Broho Style

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