Monday, March 11, 2013


By now, most style savvy men have heard of GILT Groupe, an invitation-only "flash sale" site that offers its members deep discounts, on select merchandise, for a limited amount of time.  The events are announced daily, and once a item is sold out, well, you're S-O-L (that's shit outta luck for all you acronym newbs).  It's proven to be such a successful platform, that similar sites have been popping up all over the web, claiming to cater to every possible niche--shoes, home goods, travel, you name it.

While I tend to think that most of these companies are unoriginal and lackluster, I must spread the word about one of which I have become particularly fond.  The site is called Five Mile and it is a self-proclaimed "Private Buyers Club for the Avid Outdoorsman." Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE performance outerwear and am always looking to snipe the freshest fleeces, no matter the intended gender, so it's only natural that I would love this concept.  And, personal clothing preferences aside, I can always appreciate a well-clothed outdoorsy man--any of which would benefit from what this site has to offer.  With brands such as Southern ProperFilson, and Peter Millar all offered at deep discounts--how can you say no?

So please, do your spouses, siblings, loved ones, and general public a favor and sign up now, cause we all know the world could use more well-dressed mountain men.

The Five Mile Club
Southern Point Co. Event
Southern Proper Event

[All Images from The Five Mile Club]

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