Monday, February 11, 2013


Earlier today, as I was perusing one of my favorite tumblrs, A Well Traveled Woman, I came across this old photo advertisement for the Scout.  The Scout was only manufactured between 1961-1980 by International Harvester and was originally intended to compete with Jeep as a predecessor to today's SUV.  Given my current love for Jeeps, it is only logical that I would also be equally obsessed with this old-school version (and because my uncle's used to have a red one that I rode around in as a child).  Trunkin'.
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  1. Check out more of these original Scouts at! If you can find a photo of the red one your uncle had, please post it there!

    1. Hi Chris,

      So sorry for the late response, took a little time off from the blog last year. Love the Scouts Facebook page, thanks for passing it along! I'll try to locate a picture of my uncle's Scout, it was a beaut!

      Thanks for stopping by!