Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As you may have gathered, I spend a fair amount of my free time browsing online shopping sites.  I can't help it--I've been doing it since middle school, which pretty much means I've been doing it since the Internet was first created (This is only a slight exaggeration--it was the dial up ages). 

While my primary focus is usually finding cool stuff to pimp out my own personal wardrobe, I often find myself subconsciously looking for others as well.  For instance, I am always looking for men's size 14 pull on boots for my Dad, monogrammed clothing for Hannah or Caitlin, push puppets for Joani, and anything mint or turquoise for Alex.  

Well, lucky for Alex, mint is spring's hottest color, and the subject of this post, so it is EVERYWHERE.  In fact, it is so overabundant that it was actually hard for me to choose my favorite items...even harder if I wanted to find items Alex hadn't seen before.  Welp, after all that-- here are the winners--get to it. 

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