Thursday, February 28, 2013


When I was starting Broho Style, one of the first things I finalized was the font.  I always knew that I wanted the site to be an online continuation of my personal style and with the mixture of upper and lower case letters, it is almost an exact replica of my own handwriting.  So hate it or love it--its staying!

Mention of handwriting leads me to the actual topic of this post-- stationary! When I was in LA earlier this year, I stopped into the most amazing stationary store in Beverly Hills, Paper Source.  It had a beautiful and hilarious assortment of cards, calendars, prints and all other accoutrements needed to keep the art of penmenship alive! Below are my favorites for every occasion-- "thanks," "my bad," and "hey." If you didn't know, elephants are my favorite animal so I audibly gasped when I saw these. 

If you're already set on the stationary front but maybe looking for some good crafting DIY's, or perhaps a bicycle return address stamp...check out the rest of their site, promise you won' regret it. Write on. 

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