Sunday, February 24, 2013


You know how a sandwich always manages to taste better when someone else makes it for you?  Well, I often find myself thinking the same things about men's clothing and accessories (watches, flannels, sweatshirts)--items that somehow manage to make me look that much cooler solely because they were made for a boy.  Hence the newest acronym to make its way into my vocabulary-- BFTB. "Borrowed from the boys."

For my first BFTB post, I wanted to address the subject of men's colored shoe laces.  While normally reserved for kicks, like these, I recently stumbled across of a couple of companies  that are making a name for themselves by taking this trend to men's boots and dress shoes across the country.  The first is Hook +ALBERT, a company that specializes not only in colored shoe laces but also colorful dress socks and lapel flowers.  Their selection is impressive and their look book convincingly cool.  Almost makes me wish I had a pair of Allen Edmounds...almost.

Image from Hook + ALBERT

Image from Hook + ALBERT

The second company is called Stolen Riches, a Canadian based brand that has been specializing in shoelaces since 1915.  Their signature pieces include both shoe and boot laces offered in a wide array of colors, because, according to their motto "if shoes make the individual, then the laces make the statement." Well, I don't know about you, but after seeing all these photos the statement I'd like to make involves some blue laces and my bean boots.  Now.  Because this look is just too cool not to steal.

Image from Stolen Riches
Boot Laces from Stolen Riches

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